Frequently Asked Questions

ProperTan brush-stroke FAQ


Shine Brown is a premium tanning cream, our revolutionary bestseller and our pride. Many users have described it as a miracle (although it’s really not, it’s just a great cosmetic product) as it has helped them get that desired sexy tan in a natural way, with completely natural ingredients. It hydrates and nurtures the skin, and is effective on all skin types. Perfect for you if you want a great tan and at the same time care greatly for your skin.


  • Great and quick tanning results
  • Effective in tanning beds and under the sun
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Fast absorption, no stains
  • Works for all skin types
  • Hydrates, nurtures and gives the skin a heavenly scent

We believe it is. Not just because we have confidence in our product, but because we can back it up with THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS. And they have given our product a whopping average of 5 out of 5 stars in their reviews!
Check their thoughts on our website and social media profiles.

They certainly think that Shine Brown is the best product for quick tanning and we trust them. Try it and see for yourself!

The answer is obvious: with Shine Brown It will give you a great tan regardless of the season as you can use it in combination with natural sunlight or artificial sunlight in a tanning bed or with our Triple strength or Extreme nasal sprays. The first results should be seen after only one day! And with regular use, you will be surprised and amazed how great a tan you can get in a perfectly natural way.

Even though you will expose your skin to the sun, it won’t get dry. Shine Brown will moisturise and nurture your skin deeply. And using Shine Brown with our after-sun products will let you keep your great tan for a long time!

Many our users have tested Shine Brown in sunbeds. The results exceeded their expectations as they believed that getting a perfect summer tan during the winter (and with only a few treatments) is not possible. But it is. Some users who got in touch with us were excited to have seen the results already after the first use in the solarium. After a week of use, many of them looked like just getting back from a vacation. And they also praised the wonderful scent of Shine Brown, which effectively covers the cold, artificial scent of sunbeds.

Just apply Shine Brown by ProperTan© before you hit the tanning bed and let it do all the work for you. And, as always when using tanning beds, start slowly and gradually built up intensity for a natural-looking tan.

Yes. PROPERTAN is proud to offer you an advanced formula with completely natural ingredients “confirmed by our certificates.

And we don’t hide anything from our customers. Shine Brown Cream contains natural carrot juice, extra virgin olive oil, cacao butter and our special tropical mix for a heavenly  aroma! all 100% natural. Every single ingredient is added with a specific purpose to boost the nurturing effect on your skin. And we use only the best natural ingredients!!!

Delivery FAQs

All UK orders placed before our collection cut off (MON-FRI 3:00pm, SAT & SUN 2:00pm) will be sent with DPD standard next day delivery, please note that the next day delivery is not guaranteed and delays may occur. All Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland orders are sent out with two day delivery.

NEVER!! ProperTan© will make sure you wont have to pay customs on any of your orders.

All UK orders  are sent out next day delivery if ordered before 3:00pm Mon-Fri and 2:00pm Sat & Sun. Orders places after this time will be sent the next day. Next day delivery is not guaranteed and delays can occur, the £3 shipping price is equivalent to the price we pay DPD for sending the parcel. Therefore, if your order is delayed, the shipping will not be refunded. Public and bank holidays can affect shipping.

Where we suspect fraudulent activity, including but not limited to circumstances where there are suspicious claims relating to orders having been placed, but not received, or if we suspect that you are returning items after they have been used we reserve the right to withhold refunds and block your account (and any associated accounts) from placing orders in future. If this happens to you and you think we’ve made a mistake, you can Contact Us and we will discuss the matter with you further.


If you wish to dispute delivery of your order, you have 5 days starting from the day of delivery. We reserve the right to request evidence, before issuing any refund of the price paid and/or any associated delivery costs. The response given by DPD is final and cannot be appealed, therefore, if DPD confirm that delivery was successful to the correct address, no further action will be taken.

Unfortunately, we are unable to delivery to PO boxes for any international orders, this is based on the information in which DPD have provided us.

Returns & Refunds FAQs

Yes you can exchange specific products, however, our tanning sprays and juicy drops are non-exchangeable. To enquire about an exchange please contact us, please note that the return/shipping cost is at the buyers expense.

Once we have received the order back to our office, we will contact you regarding your order. You will then be given the option of your order being resent out to the original address or a full refund excluding delivery. If your address needs updated we will be happy to change the postage address accordingly.

Please contact us within 24-48 hours of delivery and attach photographic evidence of the faulty item, we may ask you to return the item to our office in exchange for a replacement. Please note the return/shipping cost is at the buyers expense.

Unfortunately we do not refund delivery or return charges on any orders.